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Part I How we are supposed to properly control our government. With The 2019 Total Recall Campaign & Constitutional Convention Platform.


PART II The Dissection, which goes through The unanimous Declaration and the US Constitution to define words as they meant then. You are in for a huge surprise.


PART III Is mostly about the Author (myself),education, philosophy, where, I've been, what I've done, and with whom.


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My apology to the newest generation about to inherit this mess we call our governments we pretend to control.

Our nation & our governments are way off-course from the design for these united States of America. I did not know what or how to do it — not until about 2006; at which time I began telling everyone I knew and met. 

This website and the book Self-Governance & Corruption-Free Government — with only three steps — proves how simple it is to properly control our respective governments:

Even with a poorly informed voting population; when we count every registered voter's VOTE (also detailed below) as either that of consenting or that of not-consenting; we get a better balance of candidates than when only the votes of as little 16% of the total number of registered voters select a candidate or pass other items on the ballot. Proof resides in the high-level of corruption and lack of honesty in our present government officials, which is what results when we count fewer and fewer registered voter's votes. Some political jurisdictions not counting as many as 80% of the total number of registered voter's votes.

A well-informed population knows the limits on what powers we can rightfully grant to our governments  —  thus knowing when the government violates those powers. This also includes knowing how to identify our rights — thus knowing when the government violates those rights. This is accomplished with a thorough working knowledge first, of The unanimous Declaration of the [the then thirteen and now fifty] united States of America; and then, of The Constitution for the United States of America (as the constitution results from the Authority of the People in The Declaration. The rough draft book Self-Governance & Corruption-Free Government  details this information.

Enforce/Protect the sovereignty of our unified vote. Only a well-informed population can successfully defend their lawful authority over their governments with little or no violence — because they do it as frequently as needed, even with and especially with the smaller issues — not letting them grow out of control. Allow the government to unjustly interfere in one right and another government official will unjustly interfere with a dozen more.

I am not proud of the mess we leave for you.  It bugged me that I knew not what to do to repair it.

My parents taught me that when I know enough that a problem exists, I know enough to start correcting that problem, at which time I no longer have anyone else to blame but myself.

Folks: It truly is a lot easier to obtain clean honest government when we work together in accord with the plan, the 1776 written design for our nation that to this date has not yet been implemented. It also is a lot easier when we realize that we already are unified with anywhere from 60% to 80% of all registered voters in agreement that they refused their consent to as many as 98% of all the government elected officers and other balloted items. 

Now! Let's take this UNITY and work with it. This Unity connects ALL political "divides" — sexes (genders and preferences), ages, incomes, religions, educations, cultures, dietary preferences, et cetera and so on...

The rough draft book (at bottom the other website linked page Self-Governance & Corruption-Free Government) as well as this website detail that plan in the words (as best I am able) according to what those contracts-documents meant to the most people at the time they were written.

We stand great chances of winning when we recognize our unity and respect our differences. We tremendously increase our odds of winning when we can unify with others and especially with those we may dislike the most. 

I would like to help this generation do what I did not know how to and was not able to do by myself — ​​take proper control over the powers of our government for the first time in our nation's history.

Complete rough draft of the book


​Self-Governance & Corruption-Free Government


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Reviving the 1776 design — never yet implemented or enforced by us the governed-people of these united States of America — for our nation or our governments.

An apology and dedication ​to the younger generation

U.S. Voter Suppression 

So you think Voter Suppression died in these united States of America once we stopped our governments from suppressing women, people of color, and those 18 and older?


Our governments, within these united States of America still suppress over 60% to 80% of the total number of registered voters non-consent votes. Click this sentence for the provable facts.


According to the Census


There are approximately 25 million people in these united States of America from 12 to 17 year old. Most of them from 12 years (and many under 12) pay some sort of tax (sales, income, inheritance, etc.)




The Census Bureau estimated that there were 245.5 million Americans ages 18 and older in November 2016, about 157.6 million of whom reported being registered to vote. May 21, 2018
U.S. trails most developed countries in voter turnout | Pew Research ...

So let's crunch some numbers:
157,600,000 reported being registers to vote
60%  --------------------------------80% Percentage of registered voters who do not check in at the polls.
 94,560,000--------to-----126,080,000 Average number of NON-Consent registered voters suppressed
110,320,000  On average these are just the suppressed votes of those 18 and older
+25,000,000 Between ages 12 and 17 who more likely than not pay some form of taxes
135,320,000 citizens suffer from USA voter suppression.
NEARLY 50% VOTER SUPPRESSION in "the land of the free"

— Missions (not so) Impossible —

Just as well start by introducing you to a slight glitch in my personality. I've enjoyed doing what others have told me would be "impossible". For example:

  • Create a 100% waste recovery collection vehicle for residential and commercial waste products
  • Create a way to recover the maximum use of the materials without polluting the environment
  • Abolish the need for landfills for any waste material
  • Own and operate a profitable junk yard in the self-proclaimed Snob-town USA
  • Make a laundromat profitable, without myself knowing much about the business


Those and more, I have already accomplished. Be it all on a really small scale, I did them. Profitable, to me, simply meant taking in more cash than the enterprise spent.


This website turns my attention to a nation that has stolen the identity of the united States of America that was designed in 1776. This website will show you sides of the impostors in our governments and our nation that you may recognize  —  but many you will not.


With respect to these united State of America and our people: In no particular order, I will prove the following impossibilities are true. When I figure out how to anchor and link with this Website editing program (and if I remember to do so) I add the anchors and links.


  1. That The Constitution for the United States of America does not even grant to Congress the power to conduct a census every ten years.
  2. Every registered voter in these united States of America votes (every time a ballot goes out in their district).
  3. Our governments suppress anywhere from 60% to 80% (even more in some districts) of the total number of registered voter's non-consent votes, to the tune of 110,000,000 or more votes.
  4. Our government suppress another, roughly 25,000,000 other taxpaying citizens from even registering to vote.
  5. I will prove that our governments truly ARE Corporations.
  6. We can have a much better constitution in less than 90 days.
  7. We can recall any government person or action by any of them.
  8. Why we should remove over 98% of our politicians holding elected office.
  9. We can covert our military industry complex into a World-Class Peace Corps and become better defended as a nation.
  10. We can solve most of our environmental issues, and
  11. solve most of our employment issues, and
  12. reduce our nation's debt to manageable numbers closer to extinction, and
  13. create a society of millionaires in less than 65 years, and
  14. at least a few more...

Clean Honest Government


Clean Honest, Well-Informed People










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